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An approach based on Islamic family values is cultivated in compliance with privacy, the notion of family and Islamic social rules and is based on trust, mutual love and respect, integrity and loyalty. There are separate swimming pools and SPAs for men and women in the Thermal Istanbul Residence project. Factors or behaviors that do not comply with Islamic family values will not be permitted. The Thermal Istanbul Residence project is planned in compliance with Halal Operation Certification without any alcoholic beverages and will be operated according to the rules stated in the certificate.
Essentially, “Timeshare Ownership” is the correct usage of the term Rotating Ownership and is the right to share an independent part classified as a residence for a certain time of the year specified in the title register, in other words a common ownership system. The term “Timeshare Ownership” was used for the first time in Turkish (“Zamanlı Mülkiyet”) with the Thermal Istanbul Residence project. We will use the term Rotating Ownership as a “terminus technicus” (technical term) along with Timeshare Ownership in this Q&A section, as well as in legal procedures and during the operation of the project as it is a legal term.
“The law on the addition of articles concerning rotating ownership to the property law” dated 6/10/1985 and numbered 3227, has paved the way and prepared a legal basis for this ownership type. The legislator took the term “Timeshare” and the regulations in foreign countries as examples, yet did not include the notion of time that constitutes the base for timeshare ownership in his terminology. The English term is made up of the words “time” and “sharing,” but in Turkish it is constructed with the words “rotating” and “ownership”. Technically, the word ownership does not give the exact meaning of this right; however we cannot say that the definition is wrong. As for the word rotating, quite possibly it is based on fifteen day rotation periods used in public institutes’ summer camps and has been included in the term to indicate time. On the other hand, according to Turkish grammar rules, it is not possible to form a possessive construction with two common nouns in nominative case. Even though the legislator wanted to use the noun “devre” meaning rotating and the noun “mülk” meaning ownership, he should have used the adjective “devresel” instead. We believe that the basis for this concept is actually time. This is a property right that can be used during the time specified in the title register and the correct definition of this right should be “Timeshare Ownership”.
The Timeshare (Rotating) Ownership system was implemented for the first time in 1969 in Hawaii. It then spread to other states in America such as Florida, California, Colorado, and then to many European countries and Japan. Today, millions of people in these countries benefit from the opportunities provided by the Timeshare Ownership System.
Upon the regulations in the Property Law in 1985, the concept of Timeshare Ownership gained a legal basis. The right to own timeshare property may be defined as the right of each common owner to make use of an area or independent part that is appropriate for use as a residence and their right to have easement over a joint share of property.
According to the country’s laws, only “Residential” real estate can be considered as timeshare. Timeshare ownership rights cannot be granted for real estate that is not residential. In this case, we also need to answer the question: What is a residence? The word “Mesken,” meaning “residence,” is borrowed from Arabic, and according to the Turkish Language Association’s (TDK) Güncel Sözlük (Updated Dictionary), it means housing, that is to say a home in which people live in. Then another question arises: According to the legislation in force, what is the minimum area in square meters a residence (housing) must be? We find the answer to this question in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization’s regulations: To be considered a residence, a tenement must have an area of at least 27.5 square meters. In summary, in order for a residence to be considered a timeshare, it must have an area of at least 27.5 square meters. In the Thermal Istanbul Residence project, the net area of our residences are at least 43 m2.
The common owners of an area or an independent part that will be considered a timeshare decide on various aspects such as duration of usage, handing over the residence, the usage style and methods, choosing residence supervisors and their rights and responsibilities, the period reserved for major repairs, and renovation costs within the scope of the Timeshare (Rotating) Ownership Contract. The Timeshare Ownership contract that includes all the aforementioned aspects is added to the formal deed and placed in the statement section of the land registry. You can think of the Timeshare Ownership contract as a constitution. Almost all of the rules are determined according to the contract. After the Timeshare Ownership contract has been registered, it is considered to be fully accepted by the title holders. If you purchase a Timeshare from Thermal Istanbul Residence, you will receive a copy of the contract among other documents.
The right of timeshare is a right of easement over a share of joint ownership. Because it is a property right, you will acquire a title deed regarding your right of timeshare. The timeshare deed indicates the possession of a real property just like the houses or lands you own. The timeshare deed will give you the same rights you have over your real estate property. For example you can sell, rent, hypothecate and donate your timeshare. Of course, you can use the residence only during the time specified in the title deed, and your rights have been laid out in the Timeshare Ownership Contract.
Timeshare ownership rights are specified in the statement section of the land registry of immovable properties, independent parts and detached residences and are also specified in the title deed. There is no difference between a Timeshare deed and other title deeds issued by the Directorate of Land Registry. A timeshare deed can be in the form of a condominium or servitude deed. What is most important is that the period that the residence can be used is specified in the title deed.
According to the country’s laws, the MINIMUM time period allotted to each owner is 15 days. It is stated in Article 58 of the Property Law that “The property right should be split into certain periods of the year that are no less than 15 days.” The timeshare deed CANNOT be issued for a week, 10 days or 14 days. If someone tries to sell you a right of timeshare for a period less than 15 days, then be aware that it is not legal.
Both yes and no. Considering legal conditions, every independent part in the Thermal Istanbul Residence is split into 24 periods of 15 days. If you want to purchase a timeshare for a period of more than 15 days, we cannot add 5 days to your period. However, you can buy another 15 days to extend your period.
No! According to the country’s laws, the MINIMUM period for a timeshare is 15 days.
Timeshare does not have a time limit. Even if you wanted to or we wanted to, we cannot sell the rights to a timeshare for a limited time period. The Right of Vacation Ownership has a limited period and we do not sell Vacation Ownership.
No. Timeshare Ownership grants you the right to use an independent part during the period specified in the title deed. This practice proved to be unsuccessful in holiday resorts; therefore, we did not include it in our project.
A timeshare is a type of property; thus, it is possible to divide it into shares. However, this is usually taken advantage of in the market and joint ownership deeds are issued to people who do not even know each other, and they are supposedly granted a period of a week, five days or three days. We must state that even though this appears to be legal on paper, it is against the principles of timeshare ownership and is a form of deception. If you purchase a real estate divided into shares, you will have joint ownership of every square millimeter of the real estate. Timeshare ownership gives you an opportunity of acquiring a time shared title deed. If the timeshare period is divided once again according to the shares, as we can see in practice, you will acquire a title deed for a period of less than the legal limit of 15 days limit, which can always be nullified.
No, we do not. We also do not have such marketing strategy. So, no.
If husband and wife want to acquire a joint ownership deed or you want to have a joint ownership with one of your family members, we will evaluate the situation with our legal team and try to find the best solution for you. We would like to clarify that we will not take part in any transactions that includes limiting the 15 day usage period and evading the legal requirements because of the nature of timeshare ownership. In special circumstances, you can jointly acquire a 15-day Timeshare deed without any other restrictions.
The Timeshare Ownership contract can determine the duration of the periods. The residence-like areas in the “Thermal Residence” project are divided into 24 periods of 15 days. Each of the 24 periods of 15 days is called an allotted time.
Expert lawyers are responsible for ensuring that the Thermal Istanbul Residence project is in compliance with legal regulations, and every stage of the project is supervised. Perhaps you have already acquired your title deed while reading this page.
You can call us at +90 212 850 5555. If you send us an e-mail at or write to us from the “information request” section on our website, we will call you. You can also contact our Authorized Sales Representatives in Turkey and Europe.
All payments will be made to official bank accounts without exceptions. We do not have a cash collection system. If you come across such a request, please refuse it and inform us.
Thermal Istanbul Residence has a “Single Price” policy. No sales representative has the authority to alter the set price. Within the scope of our sales and marketing policy, we do not offer any promotions that may exist in other timeshare systems, such as “buy one get one free.” We guarantee that the next person to purchase a timeshare after you will not do so for a cheaper price.
Absolutely not. The HASHIMI GROUP will in no way implement this method that is used to avoid taxes and legal fees. We would like you to know that all such requests from the customer will be refused.
The return policy laid out by law is valid both for you and us.
Absolutely not. The price you pay will be the VAT-included sales price.
No. The laws in the country require that the buyer and seller evenly pay for the title deed expenses. You will only pay your share.
There is no title deed for vacation ownership. Vacation ownership may be defined as a vacation system established by a transfer contract that requires the payment for the right to use one or more immovable within the period of at least three years and for a definable or defined duration of at least one week. A vacation ownership contract grants the consumer a right to claim over the use of the immovable that is divided into separate periods. This is an individual right. The consumer is not entitled to any real rights, such as the right to own property on the contractual property. A timeshare vacation is a long-term vacation for which you pay for in advance. You are not granted a title deed or the right of ownership. We have specified above the right of timeshare in detail.
A management plan lays out the management style of the main immovable, its purpose and method of use, details regarding managers and inspectors along with other aspects related to management and has contract status that is binding for all owners. The Timeshare Contract is one of the constitutions of Thermal Istanbul Residence. If you have purchased a right of timeshare from Thermal Istanbul Residence, the management plan have been provided in the documents.
In order for a Timeshare Ownership Contract to be annulled, the decision must be unanimously approved by all 3,456 timeshare right-holders of all 144 residence areas within Thermal Istanbul Residence. In other words, it is not possible unless you want it to be.
Thermal Istanbul Residence consists of 144 independent parts. The check-in dates for each independent part may differ. For this reason, be sure you know the dates specifically allotted to you. Your allotted dates may not be the same as someone else’s.
The operating company is in constant contact with all owners. In the case that you may need to contact another timeshare owner, you can easily do so via the operating company.
Thermal Istanbul Residence is managed based on a method of service that prioritizes confidentiality. Moreover, because the title deed registry is public and each owner can find out the other timeshare owners via the directorate of land registry, the Operating Company will disclose limited information regarding the other owners should reasonable justification be provided.
Because the right you hold is registered in the land registry, it is subject to real estate laws. In accordance with regulations found in real estate laws, you can sell your title deed to whomever you please; however, the company, which is both the producer and implementer, has the right of pre-emption in order to ensure the project and its concept are not harmed. If you would like to sell your right of timeshare, please first consult the producer and implementer company, also informing them of the price you have determined.
As required by Article 63 of the Law of Property Ownership, the joint owners of a divided property ownership or its parts, unless agreed otherwise in the contract, cannot demand a change in the joint property ownership. The Thermal Istanbul Residence Timeshare Ownership Contract contains regulations that prevent this suit from being filed. When considering both the law and the contract, one may conclude that it is not possible to file such a suit.
Pre-emption refers to the pre-emptive right held by remaining shareholders when one of the shareholders wants to sell his/her share of jointly owned property or timeshare property. The Timeshare Ownership Contract declares that this right belongs to HASHIMI.
Your title deed will survive! As our ancestors say, “Death is haq (just) and inheritance is halal.” Following the death of the right holder, upon completing the legal procedures, the inheritors will become the joint owners of the timeshare in accordance with their inherited shares and with a title deed prepared in their name. In this case, the mutual decision made by right holders regarding usage is of utmost important to us, as well.
You have the right to rent out your timeshare. However, as is understandable, we have to approach such instances with caution. We have introduced a regulation in the Timeshare Ownership Contract in order to ensure that the concept and other right holders are not harmed. This regulation requires that the Operating Company approve of the individual whom you plan on renting out your timeshare to. Renting out a timeshare will only be possible upon this approval. In accordance with the Timeshare Ownership Contract, you may only rent out your timeshare for up to 15 days. Thus, there can only be one renter per term in one calendar year. The rental period cannot be divided and daily rentals are absolutely prohibited.
Daily rentals are not allowed on no account.
As a principle, you can allow a third party to use your timeshare free of charge; however, the same rules regarding renting out timeshares apply.
You are entitled to partially use you your time share and rent it out for the remaining time. When you don’t intend to use your period partially or fully, you can leave your property in the pool system of the institution and enjoy exchange or sale opportunities; or you may rent it out to others who comply with our operational values.
It is a service provided by the operating company that allows third parties that comply with the concept to use the period you do not intend to use for a fee, without any commitments or warranties.
The right of timeshare is a right of easement over a share of joint ownership registered in the land registry. Because of its legal status, it may be used as collateral and it may also be seized.
The main immovable and its parts will undoubtedly need care and repair. All independent parts have been divided into 24 five-day intervals. Thus, independent parts will be vacant for five days each year. During these five days, independent parts and common areas will be renovated and repaired. The five-day “major repair” mentioned in legislation refers to this exactly.
In order not to compromise your comfort, the restorations will be carried before the economic life of the furniture is over. What’s more, we will always keep in mind that waste is forbidden in Islam. After restoration, usable furniture will be donated to an association or an organization that will distribute them to those in need on behalf of all right holders and you will be informed about the donation.
You can be sure that the operating company will do everything in its power to ensure this does not happen. The possibility of this occurring is close to zero. The check in/out times are specified clearly in the Timeshare Ownership contract. However, if you still would like to know what you can do in should this this happen, the Property Law is very clear. According to Article 64 of the Property Law: “Timeshare right holders are obliged to leave and deliver the independent parts or structures they have utilized to the new owners bearing the right of utilization for the other periods. This evacuation is in question at the end of the specified period of time stated in the land register. In case of failure to evacuate at the end of the specified period of time, the property will be evacuated immediately by law enforcement in accordance with the directive of the territorial governor without the need for a further notification. Any further application to an Administrative or Judicial departments of State cannot prevent or stop the evacuation. The rights of the people involved are reserved by the law and the contract.”
The number of people who can benefit from the independent part at the same time is determined by the Timeshare Ownership contract and independent part usage is limited to maximum two adults and three children.
On condition that the maximum number of people who can benefit from the flat is not exceeded, yes. We will gladly assist you when hosting your guests in the lobby.
Sound and heat insulation will be installed using the latest technology available.
Thermal Istanbul Residence will be constructed using the latest innovative technologies to ensure that it will not be harmed in an earthquake. In addition to this, the Residence will be protected with a full coverage insurance policy against earthquakes and other natural disasters without any additional costs for the Timeshare Owners.
Several areas in the main immovable have been allocated to the SPA and the operating company with a management plan that aims to provide you with various services. Both the common areas that are allocated to the SPA and operating company along with areas that are not will be used according to the rules predetermined in the Timeshare Ownership Contract, Management Plan and by the Operating Company.
RCI (Resort Condominiums International) is an international vacation and timeshare exchange organization. The Thermal Istanbul Residence is not a member of this organization because the exchange program is not in compliance with the Islamic family values.
Unfortunately yes. There have been many timeshare projects in Turkey over the years; some of them failed right at the first stage and some became unusable during operation. Of course, there are a few exemplary projects that are still in business and new projects, as well. Because Turkish people are not avid readers and are not sufficiently aware of their rights despite their good intentions, they have been taken advantage of on several occasions. Vacation and Timeshare Ownership are also among the methods frequently used for fraudulent activities. However, you are lucky! Now you know what you have to pay attention to. If you share your bad experiences or your acquaintances’ bad experiences regarding timeshare with us, our lawyers will publish them on this page.
The suits are prepared to offer you a 5+ star hotel comfort; the inventory list will be provided to you at each check-in. Our management style is designed so that all you have to do is “grab your luggage and come right over.” The furniture that will be used in the suits will satisfy all your needs and be purchased from luxury class brands, kitchen utensils included.
Turkey would come in first place in a race for misusing concepts. Therefore, we do not guarantee bloated ratings, such a seven stars or eight stars. The only international criteria that can be used for comparison is five stars. We will never offer you less comfort than a five star hotel.We promise you a service worth “+5 stars”.
It is not easy to calculate an average amount for the 5-star hotel prices in Istanbul as we are currently experiencing the worst years regarding tourism in our country; however, you can still calculate the cost of staying at a 5-star hotel for 4 people (2 adults - 2 children), excluding breakfast, by yourself. When you calculate the cost, you will be surprised to see how short the return on investment period for a timeshare purchased from Thermal Istanbul Residence is.
As we have stated in every step, we would like to reiterate a certain aspect. The Thermal Istanbul Residence is a HASHIMI GROUP Project. The continuity of a Timeshare project is dependent on the style and the quality of management. The Thermal Istanbul Project will be operated by Hashimi Residence İşletmecilik A.Ş. which is founded by HASHIMI for solely this purpose. The Thermal Istanbul Residence project is planned in compliance with Halal Operation Certification and will be operated according to the rules stated in the certificate. HASHIMI guarantees sustainable, quality operation.
You will pay for the amount you use in your independent part. You may use as much as you like via the prepaid card system. The usage cost will be determined based on the supplier company’s prices without any additional costs.
The most important building block of timeshare property is the management and continuity of its quality. In order for the operating company to offer you sustainable quality, it is mandatory that the maintenance costs specified in the Timeshare Ownership contract are paid. Maintenance costs must be paid once a year until the first day of your allotted time.
HASHIMI strictly refuses to deceive people. The aim of the operating company is not to make profit but to offer sustainable, quality services. Every financial statement of Hashimi Residence İşletmecilik A.Ş. will be read during the Board of Directors meetings.
The yearly maintenance cost that the Timeshare Owners must pay is as follows: For Deluxe Suites that are 1+1 independent parts, the maintenance cost has been determined as the Turkish Lira equivalent of 320 USD. For King Suites that are 2+1 independent parts, the maintenance cost has been determined as the Turkish Lira equivalent of 420 USD.
Every five years, during years ending in a 3 or 8.
Replacing the furniture and carrying out repairs and restorations every five years are necessary considering the economic life of the furniture and the apartment. For years ending in a 3 or 8, the maintenance cost will be doubled.
For sustainable quality and comfort, the maintenance cost must be paid regularly. If an owner does not pay the maintenance cost, the procedure specified in the Management Plan and the Timeshare Ownership Contract will be implemented. The owner cannot use the independent part without paying the maintenance cost for that year.
That is completely acceptable. You can choose whichever period you like. The annual cost is the same for the each time period.
The maintenance cost remains the same. Even if you stay for a full 15 days or do not still at all, you are still obliged to pay the maintenance cost.
As we have stated in each step, we would like to reiterate a certain aspect. The Thermal Istanbul Residence is a HASHIMI GROUP Project. The continuity of a Timeshare project is dependent on the style and quality of management. The Thermal Istanbul Project will be operated by Hashimi Residence İşletmecilik A.Ş. which was founded by HASHIMI. HASHIMI guarantees sustainable, quality operation.
You can use the SPA during the time specified in your title deed. During other times, you can use the SPA depending on how crowded it is for a special discounted fee.
The Thermal Residence SPA is all yours. You will not pay a fee for entry or general use. However, special use regarding personal care will require a fee.
During your allotted time, depending on how crowded the SPA is, you may bring guests to the SPA for a special discounted fee.
We have taken all the necessary measures to ensure and maintain hygiene and we have planned all of our operating regulations accordingly. We will also receive professional assistance in this regard.
Thermal Istanbul Residence’s price policy is transparent and simple. There will be no discount if you opt not to use the SPA.
The thermal water that will be used at Thermal Istanbul Residence has therapeutic effects for the following diseases according to the Municipality of Esenyurt: · Rheumatic diseases, rheumatoid arthritis (inflammatory joint rheumatism) · Ankylosing Spondylitis (a type of disease in which the spine becomes immobile over time) · Osteoarthrosis (calcifications) · Soft tissue rheumatism (fibromyalgia, joint pain) · Disc diseases such as cervical and spinal disc hernia, sciatica · Fascia – Tendon diseases · Gallbladder, kidney and urinary tract diseases · Mechanical back and neck pains · Joint stiffness that occurs after various types of orthopedic surgeries · Stomach and intestinal diseases (digestive system disorders) · Neurological diseases (nerve pains and paralyses such as neuralgia) · Muscle diseases · Strengthening of the body by regulating iron ratios, eliminating weaknesses · All stress and stress related problems · Insomnia, short temperament, physical and mental fatigue, forgetfulness · Skin care · Chronic pains...
Thermal Istanbul Residence offers separate prayer rooms with ablution areas for men and women.
In Thermal Istanbul Residence, there will be a restaurant named Cafe-Bistro. You may dine here for a fee. It would be useful to reiterate that all independent parts include kitchens and utensils necessary to prepare all sorts of dishes.
There is a playground in the lobby of Thermal Istanbul Residence. This area will be used according to the rules laid out by the Operating Company.
Yes, we have a beauty center for women. There will also be separate hair salons for men and women.
Ever since the start of the project, more than twenty interior designers have been working hard to decorate the apartments in the most suitable and convenient way for you. It is not possible to alter the existing utensils and decorations. .
We recommend you bring only your luggage. Of course, you can bring your own belongings for personal use.
The Operating Company will be responsible for cleaning the apartments two days a week. If you would like, you can request cleaning services on other days as well for an extra fee.
You will be provided a sufficient amount of sheets and bedlinens on the two cleaning days. Should there be no privacy concern, the housekeepers will change the sheets and bedlinens for you; otherwise, they will only be placed in the apartment.
Your towels will also be changed on the two cleaning days.
It is prohibited to consume alcohol in any part of Thermal Istanbul Residence, which is planned and operated in compliance with Islamic family values, apartments included.
You can smoke only in open areas; otherwise, it is prohibited. This restriction includes independent parts as well; actions contrary to this restriction require severe sanctions under the Timeshare Ownership Contract.
We do not provide room service. We believe this ensures privacy in the corridors and a peaceful environment.
We love pets; they are our friends. However, we will not be able to accept them because of the Management Plan and Timeshare Ownership Contract of Thermal Istanbul Residence.
Thermal Istanbul Residence employs high security measures. Along with security guards, high-technology security systems will also be implemented.
A system from which you can obtain your urgent needs will be set up in Thermal Istanbul Residence; there are also several shopping malls and markets nearby.
Transfer, tour and travel services will be provided specifically for each individual by the Tourism firms we have agreements with for a fee. Of course, there will be special discounts for Thermal Istanbul Residence. • If you would like to be picked up at the terminal and transferred to Thermal Istanbul Residence, • If you would like to be provided a vehicle with or without a chauffeur, • If you would like to travel in Istanbul with a travel plan dedicated to you, You can do so by contacting Customer Services 24 hours in advance.
If you arrive on the date specified in your title deed but before your independent part is ready because the right holder before you has not yet departed, we will do everything we can to host you. Until the independent parts are ready, you can relax in the SPA or lobby.
We do not offer such a service; however, you may make use of our offer to partially use and partially rent out your timeshare. It would be helpful for you to review the explanations we have provided in this regard.
We do not prefer cash transactions in Thermal Istanbul Residence. You can securely make your payments via a reliable card payment system that will be developed.
The Thermal Istanbul Residence project was designed on the principles of customer satisfaction, quality and transparency. Contact us via our communication channels for questions that are not included on this page so that we can provide you with answers and also update the page.